Car AWARDS wiseclub2k jan mar 2019 web

Our Funding/Promo is a Win-Win Promo
*** You Will Get your Funding
*** You can also Get a Car!


To participate, all you have to do is to Open 11 Accounts with us Between January to March 2019.

Note: It’s not compulsory you open the 11 Accounts once, but make sure you completely open 11 account between January to March 2019.

Where you are old member or new member, you must open 11 accounts between January to March 2019 to qualify for the Car Award Raffle Draw.

For those who may not Complete 11 Accounts, you will still get your Funding, that is why we call it Win-Win Funding/Promo.


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For Enquires, contact us via:
Whatsapp No. 08132228534
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