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Yesterday on my way to Ikeja for an appointment, I was on my bike, and there were lots traffic in the state.

Riding in front of me, were these over speeding okada rides and all of a sudden 3 okadas fell on top of each other. On the floor, I saw woman with her kids, and young able men and women, when I pass by, I couldn’t wait because it was getting dark and late and it need to meet up with my client who is waiting for me.

In the front and on the floor, there was this guy lying flat and was lifeless, I think he should be the first okada rider and every other persons and okadas involved in that accident may have fall on him, I wish and pray they would be able to revive him.

The question to ask here: these people that involved in this okada accident and other people who saw that ugly accident; are they not going to climb okada in next hour or tomorrow?
Of course they will! Why? Because I think that is what makes us to be a human being.

Those of us who have one way or the other been in a broken relationship, after we got our heart broken and disappointed. The Question is: are we not going to fail in love again.
Of course we will! Why? Because I think that is what makes us to be a human being.


When I started my first business designing websites and training people on how to design website, at the beginning it was tough and rough, lots of people then, advise me to quit and get a secures salary paid job. I did not listen to they, today I can say; to God be the Glory. Over the past 8 years now, I have designed more than 1000 websites for my clients and I have trained more 250 student. I took the Risk and gave in all I have and today I can say I’m successful.


When we started this journey, lots of people will come on our Facebook Posts and call us all sorts of names. We don’t mind them because we know Who We Are and not the names they call us.
We understand with lots of them because of the pass experiences, but we know we are not setting up our platform to scam people but we are here to do business and rewrite the course of destiny.
So many people out there are wishing our platform is going to fail soon, I can personal guaranteed you that I have never give up with whatever I started, I will not and God is my witness and strength, I believe that anything I do is God’s works and every day I prayed to him for Wisdom and Strong Faith to believe in Him and to do the work that He have sent me to do.
As a reader and writer, I have never see any successful man out there without Faith that they will succeed.



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