Q: How do I Join this Platform?
A: The 1st thing you need to do is to Signup

Q: After Signup, what next would is I do?
A: After signup, you will be redirect to the Click this link; to start account opening automatically, login and Open Account with N2,000 to start earning money, this is One-Time Payment.

Q: What is the different between Signup and Account opening?
A: Signup enable you have access to the Investment App, the account is what you open inside the investment app to start making money, .

Q: What is Member ID?
A: When you signup newely, a Member ID will be assign to you Automatically. this is an ID that the System identify you.

Q: What is the different beween Member ID & Account ID?
A: The Member ID is what the system used to identify you entire entity, a Account ID is automatically assign to each of your Account to identify. them one-by-one.

Q: How do I Open Account?
A: Login to the system, Click this link; to start account opening automatically. Click this link; to start account opening manually.

Q: How do I Open Account Automatically?
A: Open account automatically helps you to open Instant Account  by paying for your Investment fee online using our online payment gateway with your ATM Card / Bank / Token. Click here if you what open instant account now! then follow the process step-by-step.

Q: What if I paid online and i was debited but i was unable to proceed from there?
A: Don;t worry about if we discover you are unable to account after you have been debited or if you contact us concerning this issue. We will generate a Registration Pin and Transaction code for you, then you can use Manual Account opening to complete you task.


Q: How do I Open Account Manually?
A: Open account manually involved some few step. 1st: make payment to our Bank account. 2nd: send us your Payment details, and also send us the Lastname you used to open your account and your Member ID. Upon confirming you payment, we will send you (a). The Transaction Code (b). The Registration Pin. Use this to start the Account Open.

Q: How do I Access all the account is have?
A: You can view or access all your Accounts, Click Here!

Q: Can I open many that one account?
A: Yes, our system allows multiple account in one signup account.

Q: What do you mean by Auto-Sponsor / Auto-Downlines?
A: Our system is built on auto-sponsor / downline. Meaning, you don't need to bring anybody before you can move to next stage, as the system will assign someone to you.

Q: How do I know someone have become my downline?
A: You can check under Genelogy from Stage !


Q: How do I get my First Funding?
A: In stage 1, if 10 people appears under you, you will get N5,000.

Q: How can I Withdraw my Funding?
A: Immediately you Funding complete N5,000, you can withdraw it using this Link. Note: You can not withdraw any money below N5,000.

Q: Can I manually assign a Sponsor to my accounts?
A: Yes, you can decide to move a particle account fast to the next level, therefore you can consicouslly assign some of you new accounts to a particular account or referal someone and ask them to use your Account ID as their Sponsor ID.

Q: How secure is your online payment?
A: Our Online payment gateway is Highly Secured and it's served by one of the Leading Online Payment platform in the country.